Get notified on custom SMM services!

You can use our 100% free SMM service notification, to get automatically notified when any SMM panel releases a service that matches your requirements. The great thing is that you can not only set keyword filters, but also pricing filters. And of course, you can unsubscribe from notifications at any time.


You set as keyword "YouTube watch hours", and as pricing range $6-$11. As a result, once per week, you will receive to your email a list of new SMM services that specifically match these criteria, our of hundreds of SMM panels.

One-Time Password (OTP)

Please fill the below form to receive a One-Time Password (OTP) at the email address you provided in the designated field. This OTP will be required for different actions, including subscribing to keywords, unsubscribing from a keyword, and accessing details of your current keyword subscriptions. Thank you for your cooperation.

Subscribe for Panel Services

In this section, you can request to receive automated (weekly) updates about the latest panel services, tailored specifically to your preferences. By providing just a keyword (e.g. "YouTube watch time") along with your desired minimum and maximum price range, you'll automatically receive SMM panel services that match your custom criteria and pricing, as soon as they are released. Thanks to this free service, you'll receive notifications directly to your verified email, ensuring that you stay informed about the most recent and high-quality offerings amidst a vast array of SMM panels.

My Subscriptions

Here, you can see and manage all your existing keyword subscriptions. However, before accessing your current subscriptions, a simple yet secure OTP validation process is needed for verification purposes. Once verified, you can manage all your existing subscriptions, and you have the freedom to unsubscribe from any of them with just one click.

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